Ardy – The Packer Lodge

Ardy et sa fille


Ardy et sa fille devant le Packer Lodge.

Ardy a construit un hostel à Djakarta sur le mode des auberges de jeunesses européennes mais en mieux. Malgré un emploi du temps très chargé il prend le temps de converser avec ses clients. Là, il pose avec sa fille qui a sensiblement le même âge que le Packer Lodge.


Ardy and his girl in front of the Packer Lodge.

Ardy built his own hostel in Djakarta but first he visited Europe to have a look on how others were doing. The PPacker Lodge is a mix of europeans youth hostels but in better. Although he has a really busy timetable he still get to know his hosts and he takes the time to converse with them.
Here he is taking the pose with his girl that was born for the aperture of his hostel.